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BEEF Eye Fillet Tenderloin

Eye Fillet (Tenderloin)

The finest of all beef cuts. Beautifully tender and lean. Slice it for fillet steak or bake it whole in Beef Wellington. We stock three different grades to suit your budget, sourced from both local and national producers – Black Angus, MSA graded, and a non-graded eye fillet usually from young beef. Approx 1.5-2 kg.
Beef - Butt Fillet

Butt Fillet

The fat end of the fillet. Locally sourced and usually MSA graded. Approx 1 kg.
BEEF Scotch Fillet Cube Roll

Scotch Fillet (Cube Roll)

Our biggest seller and arguably the most flavoursome cut! Scotch Fillet is the perfect cut for the BBQ steak or beautifully moist beef roast due to the natural seam of fat which runs through the centre. In order to suit all budgets, we stock three different grades of Scotch Fillet sourced from both local and national producers. We have TEYS brand MSA graded Black Angus, MSA graded, and a non-graded beef scotch fillet. Approx 2–3 kg.
Beef Porterhouse Striploin

Porterhouse (Striploin)

Ideal for steaks or to roast. Porterhouse has a leaner eye and all the fat is on the outside but don’t trim it off until after you cook it. We source local and nationally in Black Angus, MSA graded and Young beef. Approx 2-6 kg.
Beef Rump


Sometimes underrated because cheaper quality versions can be tough. We stock only Black Angus MSA graded, MSA graded (usually TEYS brand from Australia’s second biggest meat processor and exporter.) Great for steaks and roasting. Approx 5-6 kg.


Usually Harvey Beef brand and MSA graded. Ideal for slow roasts, curries, tagines, slow cooked winter meals dishes and webbers. Approx 5kg.
Beef Topside


Usually Harvey Beef brand and MSA graded. Ideal for roasts, webber, curries, tagines, slow cooker recipes and making your own billtong. Approx 7 kg.

Beef Brisket


The ideal cut for a slow cooked Texas BBQ roast. Dry rub with condiments and spices and cook low and long. Sourced locally from Borrello and Harvey Beef.
Beef Eye Round

Eye Round (Girello)

Slice it thin, flatten and tenderize with a meat hammer and crumb for perfect home-made schnitzels. Sourced locally from Borrello and Harvey Beef. Approx 2 kg.
Beef Cheeks

Beef Cheeks

A popular winter dish slow cooked to your favourite recipe. Sourced locally from Borrello and Harvey Beef. Approx 700 grams.
Corned Silverside

Corned Silverside 

A favourite for all seasons. Serve in winter with white sauce and vegetables or in summer cold with salad. Sourced locally form Borrello and Harvey Beef. Approx 1kg.
Diced Beef

Diced Beef

Ready to cook cubes of tender beef (25mm cubes). Ideal for wet dishes, pies and curries. Sourced locally form Borrello Beef. 5kg pack.

Beef Mince

Premium Beef Mince

Ready to cook, lean and healthy. Ideal for spaghetti bolognese, pies and burgers. Sourced locally form Borrello Beef. 5kg pack.
Beef Burgers

Beef Burgers

Tasty, ready to cook burgers from one of the South West’s finest meat processors. Just don’t forget the egg and beetroot!

Black Angus Logo
A European cattle breed which is considered to yield higher quality beef due to maturity at a younger age and large muscle content. Cattle are selected for characteristics including: modest or higher degree of marbling, medium or fine marbling texture, generous ribeye area, specified carcass weight range, less than 25mm fat thickness

Meat Standards Australia
MSA (Meat Standards Australia)
MSA (Meat Standards Australia) is an independent meat grading system designed to help you select quality beef and lamb. For cuts of beef and lamb to be MSA graded, certain standards must be maintained from the paddock to the plate. MSA certified graders use information gathered throughout the production and processing phase to determine a grade for each cut based on the key factors known to influence their eating quality. Only cuts that meet MSA specifications can be sold as MSA graded. The Meat Standards Australia (MSA) Graded logo is a symbol of quality you can trust when buying and cooking Australian beef and lamb.

Up to 30 months of age.
Tender and lean.

Up to 36 months of age.

Up to 42 months of age.

A cheaper choice for only our fillet and scotch fillet.

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